My Opinion:

It is my great pleasure to join you for the occasion of the greatest demonstration for the emancipation from racial discrimination in the history of our country.

Four and half decades ago, a king of Nepal announced ‘Civil Codes’ to end the racial discrimination prevailed in the society from the ages, established by the orthodox Hinduism. This momentous decree came as a hope of millions of so-called Depressed people who had been oppressed in the name of caste and had been seared in the flame of withering justice...

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 I got married to Ms. Gita devi Risal of Kalimati in the year 1995. It was quite a bit late according to Nepalese standard. My marriage was made possible by my friend at Manohar Secondary School Ms. Gita Adhikary and Sister Mrs. Sarswati Bastola , Younger Sister of Father of my wife Siru Ramudamu who was very friendly , helpful and soft-spoken. Unfortunately, Mrs. Bastola is no more in this world as cancer has taken its toll.
Gita Risal My Marriage

 3 ladies influencing my marriage  After Marriage  Our sons Muskan and Ishan

My wife with colleagues

My Encounter With Death

I was about 11 years old.Me and some of my friends including some senior brothers went to Madi river.They started diving into the river and crossing it. I thought I could do the same so I jumped into the river. I nearly drowned but the senior brothers rescued me. Later on I realized that I was a novice swimmer !

In the Year 1980’s student movement police captured and tortured me near death.

In the year 1986, In the process of organization expansion I and a friend of mine dodged a plan to murder me . I know the planners were related to the then Royal Palace. I would expose all of them in due course of time if such need arises.

In the year 2000, me and my nephew left Kathmandu for Nuwakot to organize Nepal Teacher Association’s district convention. The taxi carrying us suddenly skidded from the road and dangled into a tree which prevented it to crash almost 250 meters below. Anyhow we saved ourselves. On our journey back our taxi escaped an ambush planted by then warring moist merely by 2-3 meters.