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It is my great pleasure to join you for the occasion of the greatest demonstration for the emancipation from racial discrimination in the history of our country.

Four and half decades ago, a king of Nepal announced ‘Civil Codes’ to end the racial discrimination prevailed in the society from the ages, established by the orthodox Hinduism. This momentous decree came as a hope of millions of so-called Depressed people who had been oppressed in the name of caste and had been seared in the flame of withering justice...

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Concepts: Inclusive Democracy
Concepts: Inclusive Democracy
Nowadays very few people believe in the benefits of democracy as it is: the right to vote in a stated date, with certainty that the civic vote will be counted and respected, that is to say, the American-democratic style, designed to choose “the most natural” candidate --a "naturalness" similar to Hollywood make-up and a result of millions of dollars paid to Madison Avenue agencies. The same “most natural” candidate who is advised by public relations managers and who repeats what the voters want to listen and who appears wearing casual clothes to make us believe that he/she is an ordinary citizen as the rest of us, at least during the period of the campaign.