My Opinion:

It is my great pleasure to join you for the occasion of the greatest demonstration for the emancipation from racial discrimination in the history of our country.

Four and half decades ago, a king of Nepal announced ‘Civil Codes’ to end the racial discrimination prevailed in the society from the ages, established by the orthodox Hinduism. This momentous decree came as a hope of millions of so-called Depressed people who had been oppressed in the name of caste and had been seared in the flame of withering justice...

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Name :                                   Dr. Mitharam Bishwokarma 'Dukhee"
Fathers'                                   Singa Bdr. Bishwakarma
Mothers'                                 Fulmati Bishwakarma

Date of Birth :                          2019 / 07 / 29 B.S.(1962-11-14)

Education :                             M.B.A. (Saraswati Multiple College)
                                                Phd - Human Religion & Cast discrimination (India)

Occupation :                         Teaching

Nationality :                             Nepali

Language :                              Nepali, English, Hindi

Sex :                                         Male

Marital Status :                        Married

Former :                                   MP(Member,Legislature Parliament)

Former Member:                                 Constitutional Draft Committee of Nepali Congress

Family :                                   One wife, Two sons (Well Educated)

Visit:                                        India, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Thailand, Pakistan, Afghanistan, USA

Award :                                  Ambassador For Peace  UN, Ambedkar Felloship-India-1995

Training :                                Leadership (One month in Malaysia) from Education International

Chairman :                            National News Agency of Nepal (17 July 2006)

Member:                                Lions Club

Political Experience :           

      Nominated As a Candidate for the National Assembly Member
but was Five month younger than the age for its eligibility.

 Members,                                 Maha Samiti, Nepali Congress(Former present)

 Secretary,                                 Education Committee Nepali congress(Former present)                   Adviser                                     Voice of Youth FM and Telivision (at present)

 Adviser                                     Peace Weekly (at present)

 Member,                                  Depts.  Origination, Nepali Congress

 Member,                                  Depts. of Co-ordination, Nepali Congress

 Member Secretary,                   National Children Fund (Social Welfare Council)

 Secretary,                                 Body building Association.(Sports Council)

 General Secretary,                   Nepal Teacher's Association

 Deputy Chairman,                  Nepal Teacher's  Association

 Secretary,                                Nepal Teacher's  Association

 Chairman,                              Nepal Teacher's  Association , Kathmandu Dis.

 Deputy Chairman,                 Nepal Dalit Sangh

 Member,                                 Nepal Dalit Sangh

 Chairman,                              Nepal Student Union (Dhaullagiri-Kathmandu zonal Contract  committee.)

 Secretary,                                Nepal Student zonal Union (Dhaullagiri-Kathmandu Contract committee.)

 Secretary,                                Nepal Student Union Saraswati Campus-2042(1985)

 Chairman,                              Nepal Student Union, District Office, Parbat, -037(1981)

 Secretary,                                Nepal Student Union District Office, Parbat -2035(1978)

 Member,                                 Nepal Student Union,District Office, Parbat -2033(1976)

 Adviser                                    Voice of Youth FM and Telivision

 Adviser                                    Peace Weekly

 Editor/Publisher,                     Jana Abhiyan, (Two monthly)

 Editor                                      Badhata Weekly

 Board of Director,                   Suruchi Weekly

 Publication,                            Book & different types of Articles.

 Active roll in Democratic Movement from 2036(1980) to now

 Active roll in Dalit Origination and Movement

 Active roll in different District programmes from Nepali Congress.

 Jail Life 2036(1979), 2042(1985), 2046(1990), 2063 (1996). and more



P.O.Box 3741,  Kathmandu Nepal

Phone No. 977-01-4363588/4385498

Mobile :      977-01-98510-01738