My Opinion:

It is my great pleasure to join you for the occasion of the greatest demonstration for the emancipation from racial discrimination in the history of our country.

Four and half decades ago, a king of Nepal announced ‘Civil Codes’ to end the racial discrimination prevailed in the society from the ages, established by the orthodox Hinduism. This momentous decree came as a hope of millions of so-called Depressed people who had been oppressed in the name of caste and had been seared in the flame of withering justice...

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About Me

This is the place where I was born and grew playing around it. This was the field where I tumbled thousands of times. My friends were the buffaloes and cows who gave me good company. It was the happiest time of my life, the environment, friends and the roasted corn and wheat in my pocket which prevented me from feeling bored and separated from worldly miseries. The days just passed by.
I used to awaken from moms call and remember running towards home. Sometimes mom used to shout at me. May be she felt I was a bit stubborn. I feel it was natural after whole days labor she might have got irritated. And the poverty might have its role behind her emotions. I couldn’t meet my dear father in his last days as I was struggling in Kathmandu at that time. He passed away on 22 June 1996.Mother died on 9 April 2000.After then we were orphaned..all the heavenly abode were shattered.

These are my parents who gave birth to me and taught to walk holding their fingers. Despite their poverty, they managed to feed and nurture me.
When I grew old enough to understand, I found that our life was extremely difficult beyond imagination. My parents fought everyday with poverty and hardship just to keep our family alive. They used to work almost 24 hours. We were altogether 6 members whose responsibility was entirely rested on their shoulders. My elder brother Rishi Ram, sister Sunsari and Seti gradually became the helping hands for my parents. They cultivated our barren land by growing corn. My father was not taking any grains of corn and penny of paternal property. Always my father said we must fight against racist feudalism.  Anyhow his life was going ahead and collection some property for us. Which, we is using today. I am the youngest among them. As the rule of nature and the social custom both my sisters got married and went to their new home leaving behind us and our adverse situation. Brother Rishi Ram helped my parents a lot. He too has many difficult experiences. "Give the people light and they will find their own way."

                                                         With my spouse's parents

These are my parents my spouse. My grand mother in law who is in between and who looks serious face in the left end; she is my mother in law. By the God My mother in law is a celestial nymph. She has a power of God. My mother in law's name is Purnamaya Risal and my grand mother's name is Chinimaya Risal. They are very rich family. My grand father in law has  passed away. My father in law name is Sanubhai Risal.
 I was born on 14 November 1962 as the youngest and 14th living son to father Sher Singh Bishwokarma and mother Fulmati Bishwokarma. I remember my parents 15th baby was born dead. Because of the age differences and being the youngest I was the dearest of and among all so that I must admit that my childhood days were quite easier than my brothers and sisters.
At the age of 9, I went to Mangalodaya Primary school, holding my mother's finger, for the first time.The date was 16 January 1972. I passed my School Leaving Certificate Examination (SLC) in the year 1981.Because of my age, I sometimes got double promoted.I  then started teaching at Parbat districts Chuwa, Kharaiya and Kushma for one year.Later I had been expelled from Narayani MA.Vi.,kushma within merely 3 months of joining because of the caste based discrimination.
In 1993 I came to Kathmandu to persue higher study.I was very much interested to study science so I filled the form at ASCOL but could not get an admission. I had no option left than to study commerce.I then got admitted to Public Youth Campus in commerce stream. The campus was totally filled by local newars and they regulary bully students from the hilly regions like me . I couldn't stand the pressure so I got myself transferred to Saraswoti College where I completed my M.B.A degree